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But you've already tried to find relief from your symptoms, likely even multiple times already!

I bet you have

  • Heard from your doctor that it's cross contamination and you need to be more 'strict' with your GF diet to get better

  • Been told you need to avoid '(insert list of foods)' for life, in order to be symptom free

  • Read all the books and tried ALL the 'gut health' diets like grain free, SCD or intermittent fasting

  • Completed specialized testing that required you to take "X" medications/herbals to get rid of "X" infection

  • Been to the GI specialist who has no explanation or answer for your symptoms

You feel defeated. 

Maybe, you would try a few strategies and they would work for a month or two, longer if you were lucky.  But, eventually, you'd end up back at square one with your symptoms and frustrated beyond belief.  So, you cut out more and more foods desperate to find an answer to your misery.   And, round and round you go.

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Meet Selena

Dietitian and fellow celiac

This course if for you if:

  • Your celiac blood tests are consistently coming down (or even normal) but you still feel like you are being 'glutened' regularly.

  • You spend a lot of time on the internet going down rabbit holes that ultimately lead to nowhere and leave you with an empty wallet to boot.

  • You fear social outings and travel without having an exact roadmap to the nearest bathroom, due to the potential of having an 'accident'

  • Feel like you are already a super healthy eater by social media standards but continue to have symptoms like bloat, diarrhea or constipation.

Success Stories

Celiac Symptom Relief Program

"I see so many posts with people trying to figure out what they ate that had gluten in it. Or what specific foods causes issues like dairy, corn or soy. That used to be me. Since I’ve been working with you, I no longer venture down the rabbit hole because I now know none of these things were the actual problem. You have helped so much! "

Celiac Symptom Relief Program

"Thank you for all your help so far. This program has been life changing for me!! Your advice, guidance and support has helped improve my IBS, and general outlook on food. I can’t thank you enough!"

Celiac Symptom Relief Program

"I am feeling so much better and haven't had any abdominal pain or discomfort for at least 6 weeks! Far less bloating and gas. I'm so very pleased and grateful for your fantastic course! Thank you!"

Celiac Symptom Relief Program

"I just want to say how impressed I am by the content. I thought I had read a lot and was fairly informed but the label reading section was an eye opener."

Celiac Symptom Relief Program

"Thank you so much for the video report and placement in Pillar 3. I am so excited to have progressed to this point! I thank you once again for your excellent coaching, education and hand-holding throughout this journey. I can’t say enough good about your course."

Celiac Symptom Relief Program

"I can’t say thank you enough Selena for all your wonderful guidance and support these past two months. Your course has been amazing and I appreciate all the great care you take to individualize our plans along our journey. It’s been life altering Selena. I can already feel a huge difference."

Join the Celiac Symptom Relief Program

So what does the celiac symptom relief program look like?

The celiac symptom relief program is about helping those who continue to suffer with uncomfortable symptoms such as bloat, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, reflux, gas and fatigue. The symptoms are constant enough that it effects your quality of life and, this may be due to a gluten issue, an additional food issue, or a lifestyle issue. The celiac symptom relief program systematically goes through each of these areas so you can identify, once and for all, what is triggering your persistent symptoms.

Just give me the list of foods to avoid and the supplements I need

Let's be honest. How many times have you tried this already? Chances are you've taken supplements before, tried elimination diets before and you still have not found relief. Let's be real. All the elimination diets are, honestly, really the same (they all just have their own variation of 'bad' foods). They promise great results but fall flat on their face when it comes to actual results. Why is this? There is no individualized support, no accountability, and they do not take a full body approach to health.

But,I feel like I have tried SO many things already. How is this different?

The diets that are often promoted for relief of gut symptoms often make celiacs with persistent symptoms, worse. This has to do with heightened food anxiety that goes along with 'good and bad' food lists, the actual elimination of foods and impact on the gut microbiota and the types of foods that are promoted to eat. This program is different as it has been designed by a dietitian with expertise in celiac disease who is also a celiac herself. This program utilizes a full body approach to health. You will not only learn about food and health, but you will also learn about how your lifestyle may be impacting your symptoms. Along with individual coaching from Selena, community support from other celiacs going through the same thing as you and further weekly support from Selena, this course sets you up for success.

Celiac Symptom Relief Course Review

“I was suffering from gas pain, bloating and diarrhea at least twice per week despite following a strictly gluten free diet for about 2 years. My celiac blood tests were consistently coming down but I still felt like I was being glutened regularly.  

My biggest takeaway was that symptoms are not always gluten related. I learned that there is a whole realm of things that can cause symptoms which have nothing to do with gluten and sometimes not even food related at all. By social media standards, my diet was very healthy, but for my body, my diet was causing inflammation. The Celiac Symptom Relief Program quickly pointed me in the right direction. I was feeling so much better within a month of starting the course.

One of my favorite things was that the course took us beyond just food. The course offers other lifestyle coaching that has nothing to do with the food that we eat. It really focuses on well being. 

I committed to this course, wholeheartedly, for 6 months and now I have so much more time to focus on my family, my work and hobbies because I’m not constantly focusing on myself and my digestion issues.”

~CSR student

You'll learn to

  • Identify dietary triggers

    Find out if food is behind your symptoms once and for all with individual coaching sessions and guidance for your specific case

  • Modify lifestyle factors that contribute to symptoms

    Learn the 5 key lifestyle principles that are a 'must do' to keep symptoms at bay.

  • Develop a practical, long term plan to keep you feeling good

    By the end of the course, you will have a simple, celiac symptom relief "blueprint" that contains all of the information you need to help you feel great, long term!

Join the Celiac Symptom Relief Program

Get support and get better so you can get back to loving your life!

What Will You Get By Participating in This Program?

  • Coaching: individual coaching sessions, office hours and group coaching, and food journal reviews

  • Your celiac symptom relief 'blueprint' so you can keep symptoms at bay long term!

  • Ebook, workbooks and resources to help put the strategies into action

  • Short, simple to digest pieces of video content that provide actionable tips

  • A private FB community for support and encouragement throughout the duration of the program

How is the program outlined?

5 Pillars to Symptom Relief

Pillar 1: Discover if it's gluten or something else

  • Identify nutrient deficiencies 
  • Ensure you are not getting 'glutenend' (we review label reading, your kitchen environment, eating out, oats, alcohol and personal care products)

Pillar 2: Implement the foundations of gut health 

Receive a 45 minute individual coaching session that will guide you to the top 3 actionable steps to take in order for you to see immediate improvement in your specific symptoms 

  • Level 1 
    • Implement the 7 foundational, gut health strategies.  
  • Level 2 
    • Flex the level 2 foundational gut health strategies based on the symptoms you're continuing to experience. 
  • Level 3
    • Identify if you need to modify any of the six common digestive triggers

Pillar 3: Create your daily 5 lifestyle plan to reduce digestive symptoms

Receive an additional 45 minute individual coaching session to troubleshoot any challenges you are experiencing and discuss additional strategies that may be helpful for you as you work towards symptom relief

  • Implement the daily 5 - practical strategies that can make a dramatic impact on symptoms

Pillar 4: Identify individual food triggers (if any remain!)

  • Receive a personalized check in video that will discuss your next steps and move you into a personalized pathway in the course dependent on progress made and lingering symptoms (if any!)

Pillar 5: Optimize your gut health long term

  • Complete your celiac “blueprint” for long term symptom relief

Celiac Symptom Relief Course Review

"When I found Selena I was one year diagnosed Celiac. I was relieved by the diagnosis after 6 years of stomach problems, as it could have been anything. 

I remember thinking, all I have to do is eliminate a food group? I've got this!

Though the extreme discomfort subsided right away with a strict gf diet, I was still bloated often, extremely fatigued & struggling to manage what felt like constant hunger. 

When Selena launched her course, I signed up immediately. In a few short weeks in she literally had already changed my life, identifying big red flags in my habits/eating style.  

I was already a super healthy eater, but it is not that simple being celiac and I didn't realize that some of my healthy eating in certain consumptions were actually making things worse! 

She taught me everything from being confident in label reading, to proper protein consumption, to complex carbs, fiber and building a balanced meal. 

One of the most incredible things was learning how to navigate eating out with confidence! 

And the best part is that she makes all these unknowns so easy to understand. There is really so much information missed when a patient is informed they have celiac disease, in fact almost all of it, it seems now. 

Having Selena as a mentor was the best investment I've ever made for my health, it was like the road map for an otherwise long, confusing journey. 

 I can confidently say I've not felt better in over 7yrs and cannot thank her enough for the invaluable program & true dedication."

~CSR student

A Celiac Specific, Small Group Coaching Program Like No Other

I hold your hand throughout the process

  • Weekly Office Hours + Coaching

    Getting stuck? Seeking community? Feedback that we keep getting is that students LOVE the community feel in our weekly office hour + coaching sessions. They love the support and knowing they aren't alone. Questions are answered and coaching is provided as we check in with each student's progress (optional to participate)

  • Two Individual Coaching Sessions

    There are two, 45 minute coaching sessions that students can book with Selena. These sessions are very helpful and give specific and actionable advice that you can implement right away to see immediate improvement in symptoms. They are also helpful to discuss any challenges that pop up, in privacy.

  • Monthly Group, Food Journal Reviews

    Another student favorite. You have the ability to submit food journals for review. Just as I would in a 1:1 practice, we review anonymous food journals in a group setting so everyone can learn what my specific recommendations would be!

Enroll Now + Receive Bonus Resources

  • Meal Plan

    If you don't want to think about food at all and often say to yourself "just tell me what to eat", this is exactly what this meal plan provides. It takes all the thought work out of it and gives you a simple plan to follow.

  • Brand name GF food product recommendations

    If you want to know the healthy ,GF brand name food brands as well as the delicious, food for the soul GF recommendations, this guide is for you.

  • Recipe E-books

    Want to take out the 'what's for dinner?" question out of the equation? I have you covered. "Too tired to make dinner?" I have you covered. "Don't know if it's nutritionally sound?" I have you covered. All recipes have 10 main ingredients or less and are simple to make.


  • How long is the course?

    You have access to the course for six months. and there are 5 pillars in the course. I have given extra time in the course for life events that may pop up and require you to step out of the course briefly.

  • Are there payment plans available?

    At this time, there are no payment plans available. However, exceptions may be made depending on individual circumstances. You can email info@healthbean.ca

  • How is this course different than other celiac related courses?

    The main difference here is that this is a small group coaching program in which I am with you every step of the way, directing you on next steps to take and giving you specific advice on your case based on how you are feeling and the progress made so far. There is no other celiac program that provides coaching to this extent and that is why this program works. It's actually the reason that this is a SMALL, group coaching program. I want you to get better and it's the 1:1 attention I am able to give that gets you there.

  • Who is this program for?

    This is a good fit if: You've been diagnosed with celiac disease by your medical doctor (MD) or gastroenterologist, you've been on the GF diet for at least 6 months, you continue to struggle with constipation, fatigue, diarrhea, bloat, gas, or you have been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Further to this, you are at a place where you can dedicate 30 mins-1 hour/week to find long term relief from your symptoms and you are willing to put in the daily effort required to help you feel better.

  • This program is not for you, if:

    You have not been formally diagnosed with celiac disease, you have not been on the GF diet for six months, you have symptoms that need a doctor (MD) check in first before proceeding (blood in the stool, consistently having more than 5 bowel movements a day, consistently having diarrhea/watery/soupy bowel movements, waking up in the middle of the night to have a bowel movement, black/tarry or white/clay or light tan bowel movements, ribbon like or pencil thin stools)

  • Can this be covered under my health plan?

    Partially. The 1:1 consults are able be used for reimbursement if you have third party dietitian benefits. Selena will provide you with a receipt for the 1:1 consults and you can submit to your insurance plan. Please email info@healthbean.ca for more information.


Valued at $3000. But, can be yours for a limited time for $1297.

  • Two, 45 minute individual coaching sessions (valued at $400)

  • Access to the celiac symptom relief program portal for 6 months (valued at $1000)

  • Weekly coaching and office hours throughout the 6 months (valued at $400)

  • Weekly office hours throughout the 6 months (valued at $400)

  • Monthly food journal reviews throughout the 6 months (valued at $400)

  • Private Facebook group for 6 months (valued at $200)

  • Bonus resources (valued at $200)

Find Relief Now

Get support and get better so you can get back to loving your life!

Celiac Symptom Relief Course Review

After two years of eating 100% gluten free, I was still struggling with very uncomfortable digestive symptoms - bloat, gas, heartburn and often severe abdominal pain. 

There were many key takeaways for me.  If I could choose a few to mention, it would be that focusing on the ‘how’ to eat such as mindful eating helped immensely in relieving many of my symptoms. 

And, also, how to determine my optimum amount of daily fibre and becoming more aware of the gut brain axis and the impact on digestion were two other key components that contributed to my being able to eliminate my symptoms.

I also really enjoyed connecting with the other students in the course. Being able to hear about their concerns and experiences with celiac disease made me feel less alone!

I also did not expect the program to be so very comprehensive. There was a lot of information about fibre intake, hydration, determining trigger foods, how to read food labels for gluten content, cross contamination, how to safely eat out, self-compassion and stress management, great GF recipes and nutrition. There are several guest speaker too!” 

~CSR student

Celiac Symptom Relief Course Review

“Despite following a strict gluten free diet, I was experiencing ongoing symptoms for many years beyond my initial celiac disease diagnosis. 

My biggest takeaway was a feeling of being able to live life free at last from years of persistent diarrhea and the accompanying fear of accidents, fear of malnutrition, inability to socialize without suffering from the ill-effects of triggering foods, fear of travel, and the need to be constantly aware of the nearest bathroom.

I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of the material and learning about the nutritional aspects of celiac disease and how there are remedies for the most stubborn ongoing symptoms plus the great number of resources and recipes and all of the support provided with office hours, food journal reviews and individual coaching.

Let me say that the course was amazing and more than I could have ever hoped for (having already seen a dietitian twice through the many years and still having unresolved symptoms), even having tried the Low FODMAP Challenge.

The course has changed my life. You are doing such good work for us celiac folks in this world."

 ~CSR student