Does This Describe You?

Maybe you can relate to the following: you may feel

  • Overwhelmed with the conflicting information you read on the internet

  • At a loss. You can't, possibly, fathom that there is anything left to try to feel better

  • Frustrated that you are continuing to struggle with ongoing symptoms such as constipation, bloat and fatigue.

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My Story

Celiac Symptom Relief Program

I get it because I've been exactly where you are.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease shortly after graduating as a registered dietitian with a five year degree.  As a newbie dietitian and celiac, even I fell for all the quick promises of digestive relief - from supplements to elimination diets.  Things would work for a few months, if I was lucky, and then I'd be pretty much back to square one.  And, with an empty wallet to boot. 

After saying "enough is enough", I dove into the research and found ample evidence backed strategies that were working for others with digestive health issues.  I modified it for myself and I, finally, started experiencing long term relief.  I then started testing it on motivated clients, and they also started to experience long-term relief. 

Now, after many years of using my celiac framework with 1:1 private practice clients, I am bringing it online for all of my fellow celiacs, who continue to feel unwell despite a strict, GF diet.

We all deserve to feel better.  Let me help you.

This Program Is For You If You Want To:

  • Discover if it's gluten or something else that's the issue

  • Identify your digestive triggers

  • Create a do-able plan for long-term relief

Client Journies

Angela J.

Previous 1:1 client

"I wanted to let you know how I've been doing since I've seen you. First off thank you SO much because I'm feeling AMAZING. Reading labels is so simple now, also I've stopped eating regular yogurt and GF oats and I feel even better! Without you I would have never made these changes."

Rhianen W.

Previous 1:1 client

"Selena is a gem. She got me on track after I was diagnosed celiac through 1:1 sessions. She's thorough, positive, encouraging and very competent. She wouldn't let me feel sorry for myself through my journey, but she had ample compassion. If you're not feeling great, and food is the cause, Selena is your answer."

What Will You Get By Participating in This Program?

  • Your daily, celiac, lifestyle blueprint to keep you feeling your best

  • A list of tummy friendly foods, adapted for your body

  • An unprecenteded confidence that you are living your best celiac life

  • The ability to feel confident and amazing in your body, long-term!

A Celiac Specific, Small Group Coaching Program Like No Other

I hold your hand throughout the process

  • Weekly Office Hours

    Getting stuck? I am here to guide you every week on what your next step should be so you are confident you are on the right path.

  • Weekly Challenges + Goal Seeing

    Selena motivates you to take action so you can make positive progress every week! Weekly goals will be made and you will be held accountable in our FB community.

  • Group Food Journal Reviews

    My client's favorite part. You have the ability to submit food journals for review. Just as I would in a 1:1 practice, we review anonymous food journals in a group setting so everyone can learn what my specific recommendations would be!

How is the program outlined?

6 months to symptom relief

Discover if it's gluten or something else:

  • Identify nutrient deficiencies 
  • Ensure you are not getting 'glutenend.'

Pillar 1 (10 weeks):  Flex your gluten free diet for symptom control 

  • Level 1 - The basics of GF nutrition
  • Level 2 - Manipulating fiber for digestive relief
  • Level 3 -Eliminating common digestive triggers

Pillar 2 (2 weeks): Create your daily 5 lifestyle plan to reduce digestive symptoms

Pillar 3 (12 weeks): Identify your personal food triggers and find long-term relief

What's Included?

If you were to do this with Selena in 1:1 sessions, the total value would be $1200

  • PDF downloads, workbooks, and handouts 
  • Short videos to easily listen to content when you have some extra time
  • Weekly office hours and food journal reviews 
  • Weekly access and check ins from Selena, Registered Dietitian and celiac, to guide you on what your weekly focus should be considering your current progress. 
  • FB community to get support and ask questions 
  • Coaching to help you reach your goals
  • 6 months access to the program 


  • How long is the course?

    The suggested timeline will have you complete the course in ~6 months. But, some participants may work through the program faster than others. You have access to the course for 6 months so you are not rushed.

  • Are there payment plans available?

    At this time, there are no payment plans available. However, exceptions may be made depending on individual circumstances. You can email

  • How is this course different than other celiac related courses?

    The main difference here is that I am with you every step of the way, directing you on next steps to take and giving advice for YOU based on how you are feeling and the progress made so far. There is no other celiac program that provides coaching to this extent and that is why this program works. It's actually the reason that this is a SMALL, group coaching program. I want you to get better and it's the 1:1 attention I am able to give that gets you there.

  • Who is this program for?

    This is a good fit if: You've been diagnosed with celiac disease by your medical doctor (MD) or gastroenterologist, you've been on the GF diet for at least 6 months, you continue to struggle with constipation, fatigue, bloat or gas, you have been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), you are at a place where you can dedicate ~1 hour/week to find long term relief from your symptoms, you are willing to put in the daily effort needed to, finally, get you feeling better!

  • This program is not for you, if:

    You have not been formally diagnosed with celiac disease, you have not been on the GF diet for six months, you have symptoms that need a doctor (MD) check in first before proceeding (blood in the stool, consistently having more than 5 bowel movements a day, consistently having diarrhea/watery/soupy bowel movements, waking up in the middle of the night to have a bowel movement, black/tarry or white/clay or light tan bowel movements, ribbon like or pencil thin stools)